Promoting soundness from the ground-up. - At BFF- Trailer-in Farriery
Western Maine Horseshoeing and Trimming - Promoting soundness from the ground-up.
10% off for Trailer-in Services
Available year-round by appointment

1.  Give those "hard to shoe" horses their best chance for success.

Learn how the safety and freedom afforded by a round pen setting can help horses learn to be willing partners for their human handlers.  Great for youngsters as well as veterans who know how to push around a farrier or owner.

5 year old National Show horse standing at liberty for shoes all around.  At his own barn, sedative is needed to safely shoe him.

2. Safe and Comfortable!  

Reward yourself for having a well-mannered horse by watching his appointment from a live-feed video monitor while you relax in the comfort of our complimentary massage chair.  Meanwhile, his hoof-care will proceed in a climate controlled barn with excellent lighting and clean rubber mats.

3. Try out your new trim or shoes on our miles of groomed, scenic trails.  

The trails we own are beautifully maintained, and from them you can connect to a major snowmobile system for miles of extra riding.  We are also in the process of building an outdoor arena that will be available for use by clients who bring their horses.

How it works:
  1. Schedule your appointment and trailer to our farm. We're within a mile of Rte 2, in East Dixfield.
  2. Our turn-around accommodates most rigs, and parking is available for the duration of your stay.
  3. After your horse is trimmed and/or shod, feel free to try out his new "digs" on our miles of trails, or in our outdoor arena.

Butterfield Farm, western Maine

Butterfield FarmBarn viewStream Basin trail completed 2012

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