Promoting soundness from the ground-up. - Hoof Care Services
Western Maine Horseshoeing and Trimming - Promoting soundness from the ground-up.
Payment Methods: 
Cash, Check, Credit Cards all accepted on-site
E-billing available for approved clients

                         2020 RATES
 Barefoot Trim*
starting at $45
$20 goat/  $30 alpaca

 Front Shoes- Steel
 All Around Shoes
starting at $30/pr*
Specialty Shoeing

 Specialty (most aluminum)
  + $25* to base price
 Winter Shoes (includes studs and pads)
 $140/fronts or $230 all around
 Travel Fee (for out of area clients)
 Convenience Charge for credit card payments
 Minimum Fee per farm call

*Base price.  Additional fees apply for individual cases or specialty applications (aluminum, synthetic, therapeutic pad/packing).

** $30/each goat if not combined with horse trims.  Minimum fee per visit of $45.

Service Area and Travel Fees

My primary service area is western Maine (Franklin County) and clients within a 30 mile radius of Wilton do not pay any trip fee.  

Clients outside this radius pay $1/mile trip fee.

You can always avoid paying a travel charge by trailering-in to our farm!  

Click here for details.

Your horse may require a little extra TLC.  Sometimes it's just 10 or 15 minutes of patience, and that's part of what I consider standard farrier work.  When I begin to feel more like a trainer or punching bag than a farrier, however, I will charge a training fee. 

For horses who need more time than the scheduled farrier visit permits, I offer trailer-in training at our farm.  Our large, 5' high, cedar round pen provides a safe comfortable setting for horses with behavioral issues to learn how to stand for the farrier.

One time training fee during appointment: $45

Fallen on hard times?
I've been there, and I want to help you keep your horse sound.  If you can't afford to pay, I may consider trading my services for work around our farm (stall cleaning, clearing brush, etc) or for in-kind goods (garden transplants, meat, canned food, etc).  Contact me for details.

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