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Glue- On Shoes

Introducing the Easy Shoe, by EasyCare

The "Easy ShoePerformance", by EasyCare, is a new style of glue-on composite (rubber/plastic) shoe that attaches to the foot via a dual-glueing method.  Glue is applied to the bottom surface of the foot, and then to a cuff on the side-wall of the hoof.

6 weeks, plus or minus.  Short is better!  This shoe promotes growth by stimulating blood supply to the foot.  This improved growth often necessitates a shorter shoeing cycle in order to maintain correct hoof balance.  Sorry, folks, but this shoe cannot be reset.

No nails:  This shoe is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to avoid nailing the hoof, but whose horse needs some extra support to be comfortable under saddle.  Use it as your last shoeing before winter, or alternate with nail-on shoes to mitigate the risk of nail holes causing cracks in the foot.

Traction and protection:  The easy shoe offers unparalleled traction and protection from rocks on difficult terrain and is fast becoming the shoe of choice for long-distance endurance competitors.  The rubbery material combined with the shoe's flexibility allows it to mold around uneven surfaces and enables functionality of the horse's proprioception (ability to feel the ground underfoot).  The wide web protects the sole from direct contact with rocks.  Screw-in studs are available for additional traction on ice in winter months.

To Promote Growth: This shoe flexes with the foot, allowing the foot to behave more like a barefoot.  This flexibility stimulates blood supply to the foot, which in turn promotes growth.  Therefore this is a great choice for horses with chronically sore feet, whose growth patterns may be stymied by reduced circulation.  

FMI or to schedule a shoeing for your horse, contact Liselle at (207) 491-1617.

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