Promoting soundness from the ground-up. - Volunteer Work
Western Maine Horseshoeing and Trimming - Promoting soundness from the ground-up.

Volunteer Instructor- USPC Rendezvous
Over 50 youths learned about hoof care during the 2014 USPC regional Rendezvous conference.  We discussed hoof anatomy and function, and talked about the role every rider can play in keeping horse hooves healthy.

Need a farrier instructor for your youth event? Contact me!

Volunteer Instructor- 4-H Summer Camp
Liselle and her trusty mare Brazen team up to teach over 20 4-H kids about hoof care.  Students receive hands-on experience pulling a shoe, trimming, or helping Liselle apply a temporary glue-shoe to Brazen's hooves.

Volunteer Hoof Care
Every year, Liselle provides hoof-care at free or reduced cost to a small number of clients.  Reasons include unexpected financial hardship, or horses with therapeutic hoof-care needs that exceed the financial ability of clients to pay.  In this way, Liselle believes she can pay- forward the generosity that others have shown her through the years. 

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